What is the "Seven Towers I Want to See" campaign?

"Sieben Türme will ich sehen" (Seven towers I want to see) is a fundraising campaign of the Lutheran Church District of Lübeck-Lauenburg, which has existed since 2011 and is carried out in cooperation with the parish association of Lübeck’s Old Town. The Cathedral, St. Mary’s, St. Peter’s, St. Gile’s and St. Jacob’s - these five historic Old Town Churches with their seven towers have shaped the city skyline, which is visible from afar, for centuries.

The aim of the campaign is to raise funds to preserve the historic historic Old Town Churches, without which Lübeck would not have held UNESCO World Heritage status since 1987, and which suffer from the effects of wind, rain and frost. Estimates indicate that one million euros per year will have to be spent to repair the damage. Understandable, given the masonry and vaults, some of which are up to 800 years old.

PAtron Jan Lindenau:

"The seven towers form the entrance to the city. Everyone who enters sees them first," said Jan Lindenau, mayor of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck, when he became patron of "Seven Towers I Want to See" in December 2018. "I was born in Lübeck and grew up with the towers. I went to St. Mary’s kindergarten, was baptized in St. Mary’s - as was my son - and got married here. Of course, I am attached to all five Old Town Churches; their towers shape the overall silhouette of the city. And even if the city cannot give any money for the preservation of the seven towers, I can help to bring the fundraising campaign to the public's attention."

As patron, Jan Lindenau has many ideas, the first of which have already been implemented. For example, he collected donations at the Lübeck Christmas market and sat down at the checkout of a supermarket for the preservation of the seven towers. "Those who know me know that I rarely run out of ideas. I am sure that the people of Lübeck will raise the money to restore the seven towers. What the Hanseatic citizens want to create, they will create. And much more".