Links steht die aus Kunstharz produzierte Ziegenfigur "Zieglinde", rechts daneben steht der Hüttenmeister Marco Quandt in Arbeitskleidung. Im Hintergrund sieht man die Baustelle St. Marien.

Zieglinde Lübeck und Marco Quandt (Polier und Hüttenmeister) Copyright: Kirchenkreis Lübeck-Lauenburg

The Free Goat Lübeck meets the Church Construction Workshop

Zieglinde at the top: On the scaffolding at a height of 60 metres at St. Mary's, the "Free Goat Lübeck" interviewed Marco Quandt and his colleagues.

The foreman of the church construction works talks about the renovation of St. Mary's towers, what is special about the masonry and also gives personal insights. He says he is proud to be able to work for the seven towers and to help make them fit for future generations.